Компания Дистрибьюция

Вакуумные мембранные прессы

Global Membrane Press Standard

The GMP-S is a economical membrane press without compromising quality, that provides ideal solutions for woodworking, such as veneering, laminating and bending all kinds of wood. The press has been designed for individual up to small production capacities and is equipped with a continiously run vacuum pump as standard.

Технические характеристики

  • Maintenance free vacuum pump
  • Max. vacuum pressure 9 t/m?
  • 10 mm compact press board with up to 7 suction points
  • Flat natural rubber membrane, 2 mm thick
  • High polyurethane (PU) membrane 0,75 mm thick (transparent)
  • 220 Volt single phase
  • Press capacity 130 / 250 / 310 / 370 x 130 cm

Информация о прессе

  • Designed for individual and small production
  • Custom sizes available
  • Available with silicone membrane
  • Flat veneering or HPL takes approx. 10 min
  • Bending 3x 3mm MDF + 2x HPL R500 takes approx. 40 min


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